Working Women in Covid: Mass Exodus or Exile?

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Women are leaving the work force in record numbers. It is a mass exodus of women. Women are an integral part of the world and this mass employment exodus speaks volumes about the fracture points in our world.

Is it burnout? Is it re-prioritizing? Is it for my health and well-being? Is it COVID Fatigue? Is it fear of COVID? Is it my choice? Is it being forced on me by an inflexible employer? Am I just a COVID-affected world casualty? Is it self-care? Is it so I can meet my responsibilities at home?

If you find yourself considering leaving your job/career in this mid/post pandemic reality, I can help you navigate these questions.

As well, I am keenly interested in helping corporations understand this latest brain drain and put in measures to help women develop a work life balance that includes work with you.

Let's start working together!

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