Growth Mindset: Carol Dwerk

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According to Carol Dwerk, how you view your abilities can have a significant affect on your motivation and achievement.

1) Fixed mindset–People who people ability as something you have or don’t have; like an innate gift, a talent, unchanging, present or absent.

2) Growth mindset–People who believe ability can be developed, honed, fine-tined, learned, practiced, and can change based on experiences.

A growth mindset is not simply being flexible and open-minded or having a positive outlook. It is a conscious process of focusing on the outcome as a function of the processes of learning, progress and the strategies one used.

This growth mindset creates a foundation for high achievement, more fulfillment, increased creativity, more collaborative culture and innovation. It gives a richer sense of who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to move forward. With these robust findings, it would make sense that we all adopt a growth mindset. But… it is hard.

When you experience relational challenges, perceived criticism, and/or competition this can trigger insecurity, defensiveness and a fixed-mindset where it can be hard to admit errors, share information, seek feedback and embrace a humble humility.

If you are wanting to develop and nurture your growth zone. I can help. It is not just about what you do; it is about how you do it.

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