Post-COVID Priority Management

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What is really important in my life? Am I doing it?

Am I doing what is expected of me, because it is expected? What do I expect from myself?

Who is toxic in my life? Who supports me? Who remained?

What brings me happiness? Work? Career? Family? Friends? Money? Travel? Hobbies?

What do I want? What future do I desire?

A year and a half of pandemic living with limited socializing, significant quantity (perhaps quality?) of time with spouses and children (without a break), teleworking, and fewer busyness distractions has many people re-evaluating their life’s path.

As you venture out of the rabbit hole of COVID crisis coping now is an opportunity to explore what the rabbit hole taught you. I can help you figure out what the rabbit hole offers you and help you decide what parts to put into action, what parts to nurture, what parts to soothe and what parts to discard.

You may have been isolated in COVID but I invite you to let me walk with you post-COVID.

Let's start working together!

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