Covid safety procedures

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Mental health services are essential. However, it is not essential that all services be delivered face-to-face. The College of Alberta Psychologists is encouraging all Psychologists to exercise prudent judgement and diligence in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Given my role as a Health Psychologist I frequently have contact with people with compromised immune systems AND there is a history of immune difficulties present in my immediate family as well. Therefore, provision of face-to-face mental health services will be performed based on the risk management strategies recommended by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, work site policies and respect for the health and wellness of myself, my family and my clients.

Therefore, the risk-management strategies utilized are:

  1. PRE-SCREENING for symptoms and current criteria outlined by Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer.
  2. NO WAITING ROOM will be available. The work site has requested each client text their clinician from their vehicle and, when advised, proceed to the door for accompanied admission to the building.


Your appointment may be CHANGED TO VIRTUAL IF:

  1. SYMPTOMS: patient or practitioner experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19
  3. CLOSE CONTACT: you or your practitioner has had cohort contact with COVID-19 positive case in last 14 days
  4. NO MASK: patient refuses or is unable to wear a mask
  5. COVID POSITIVE test result within 14 days

VACCINATION STATUS: I respect that vaccination is a highly personal medical decision and I truly respect your privacy and right to health autonomy. However, it is important that I exercise prudence and balance your needs/decisions with the risk-status of myself, my family, and my other patients.

Therefore, although health services are exempt from partaking in the Restrictions Exemption Program, for the health and well-being of myself, my family, my community and my other patients I respectfully request that you:

  1. Request a virtual appointment if you are unable to or do not wish to vaccinate. 
  2. OR, if you desire an in-person appointment, I request you complete a Health Canada approved rapid antigen, rapid PCR, or lab based PCR test within 3 hours of your appointment time.

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