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2020 changed everyone, everything, everywhere.

It wasn’t just FOMO, it was a world of missing out.

This slowing down may have been a welcome break that offered an opportunity to do the things we never had time for before. A time to strengthen relationships, tackle to do lists, refocus and reset. In our communities we saw people coming together virtually, placing stones of encouragement on the steps of a neighbour, groceries being delivered to seniors, and random wellness checks from acquaintances.

But, for others, it fractured family, relationships, identity, financial security, health security … life. In a larger context our political climate began to splinter too. Our economic future has become uncertain on an individual, national and global level. Words like civil war, fascism, chaos, and control have peppered the media and conversations. What a stark contrast.

What has remained consistent for everyone is that things changed, for better and for worse, things changed, for everyone, in different ways. We all miss someone/something, worry about our loved ones /our relationships/financial security/our job security/our … lives and livelihood. And we were all powerless to change it. There is a palpable mass grief, even if your own family was spared from losing someone to Covid. Hearing the daily death counts on news briefings has become … standard. When 300 deaths are reported and you think “whew” that is better; that is … well it would have been hard to fathom in 2019.

It was and continues to be a confusing time of contrasting realities. Change is hard and seeing a Psychologist can help to discover who you are now, mid/post-pandemic. Therapy can help you find a path that feels congruent, satisfying and right; even if it looks different that what your 2019 self would have suggested.

Working Women in Covid: Mass Exodus or Exile?

Working Women in Covid: Mass Exodus or Exile?

Is it burnout? Is it re-prioritizing? Is it for my health and well-being? Is it COVID Fatigue? Is it fear of COVID? Is it my choice? Is it being forced on me by an inflexible employer? Am I just a COVID-affected world casualty? Is it self-care? Is it so I can meet my responsibilities at home?

If you are looking to:

* Get support with all the changes
* Start discovering who you are now, mid-pandemic
* Find a path that feels congruent, satisfying and right

Then let’s chat!

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