Fertility Challenges

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Fertility Challenges are not just a medical condition. It changes how you view yourself, your confidence, affects relationships, and can feel like your life is put on “pause” while you wait. It can feel like a complete loss of control over your life, on a 28 day cycle.

Both men and women can struggle with fertility challenges. For a man, his ‘performance’ window is brief and absolute. The pressure can be intense and it can spark deep feelings of questioning and competence. For a woman, she must behave as though pregnant every single month and can only behave ‘normally’ when the loss is experienced with their monthly cycle. Although eating sushi and drinking a glass of wine is enjoyable, it loses its pleasure when you can only do it because you are not pregnant… again.

The entire process of having difficulty conceiving is challenging, stressful and isolating. It can be very hard to find an understanding ear. Many people experiencing fertility challenges report that when they talk about their fertility struggles they open themselves up to ‘advice’ which, although well meaning, is entirely unhelpful. The worst offending advice is “you just have to not worry about it; you’ll get pregnant when you stop trying”. It can be very hard to find support.

Having a trusted, knowledgeable support that fully understands the complexities of infertility can be extremely helpful. The journey of fertility challenges is hard. You do not have to walk this path alone. I am here for you.

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